Monday, November 1, 2010

Lastest Doctors Appt

Here is another picture of our photo session with Paul Gero Photography! This is my favorite one so far! Steve has another favorite though that I will post later!

So we saw Jocelyn's Pulmonary Specialist Dr. C again on Friday! He has kindly let us see him at Los Al hospital where he has another office. Rather than going all the way to LB Memorial! So much easier and closer! We went to get her results of the bloodwork and to tell him how the Pulmicort was doing. Her bloodwork came back showing zero allergies and that her immunity is great! So no allergies to cats, dogs, dust, grass...etc. He did say she obviously has very sensitive skin though. So we are going to try a few seasonal allergy meds to see if we can clear up her excema! We will try it for a week and if it doesn't clear we will move on to another one.

We also let him know the Pulmicort is working really well. He told us it tells the lungs to not react to things in the environment. So she has not had any nighttime coughing now. Also no more running nose and no rattly chest while she plays! She will have her breathing treatments twice a day for another month then we will ween her down to once a day. Then he will do another chest xray to see what her lungs look like and then we will go from there! I think I liked him much better the 2nd visit! He seemed much more personable on Friday!

Jocelyn will be 13 months tomorrow. Do we still count months? I guess so huh!? When someone asks us her age and we say "She's 1" we always get the random stare, as if they are waiting for how many months! I think we broke the parent code of telling her age in months until she's like 2 1/2 right? Heehee!

Oh and we didn't get a weight because his Los Al office is for adults! But we will get one soon when we get the follow up shot to Jocelyn's flu show next week!

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