Friday, November 5, 2010

6 Mini Pancakes!

Jocelyn's eating!! Since all of Jocelyn's medications are coming together and doing the happy dance in her little body, we now have an eater on our hands! It's so frustrating when your child won't eat! We've struggled between getting Jocelyn enough calories everyday and making meal time a positive experience too! Jocelyn has never been the baby that lays in your arms and takes 8oz...or even 5oz of milk! If she took 1 to 2 in a sitting we were thrilled! Then when we started solids she would take 2 maybe 3 bites and refuse more! So to see her eat.....really EAT a meal is so exciting!

This morning...and for about a week now, Jocelyn has eaten 6 mini pancakes in the morning! The first time she ate all 6 I was so surprised! I searched her entire highchair and diaper for them! She is super good at hiding things so I thought maybe she had stuffed them away on each side of her! But nope, they were in her belly! Woohoo! So I got a shot of her this morning on my phone eating them! Sorry it's a little was 5:30am!
Then we got all dressed for the day and played with Daddy as he got ready for work! Jocelyn's newest thing is saying, "Ohhhhhh!!" with her lips pierced together! It's SO cute! Steve caught a shot of her doing it as he help up his phone to take a picture!

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