Saturday, November 13, 2010

1st Trip to the Library

We took Jocelyn to her first Library in Cerritos. If you haven't been to this one it's a really good one for kids. The kids room is right near the front door so if your child is partially talkative that day, you don't have to "shush" them all through the library!

There is also a giant wall aquarium that is full of fish and one shark! Jocelyn's new favorite animal is a "DOG" so she was pointing at every fish saying, "dog"! Despite us telling her they were fish! Oh well, she will get it someday! Ha! The older kids were looking at her like she was crazy!

The wall on the other side is in the children's room!
They have tons of things to touch including the globe! Jocelyn had just hit the globe and said, "Whoooaaa" her other favorite thing to say!
They have this super cool tree in there too!

and Dinosaurs!!
a little computer time!
Outside they have a few fountains actually! This one was the most parent friendly! The only one is one of those fountains kids can walk right up to with the water spouting up from the ground. So beware of that one if you don't want your child getting soaked that day! It is off to the side so it is avoidable when you walk in!

Jocelyn would have jumped right in if we let her! She had a blast!

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