Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Had to post my cute story!

We play this game with Jocelyn sometimes where we point to Daddy and say, "Daddy!" and then point to mommy and say, "Mommy" and then we all point to Jocelyn and say, "Jocelyn!"

So the other day we are doing this and she ALWAYS says "Daddy" when we get to Daddy but mommy is a toss up and she never says Jocelyn. Well she did this time! As soon as we were done with Daddy she pointed at her chest and said, "Ya-ycin"! I was like, "wait did she just say Jocelyn!?" So stinkin' cute!

This morning she did it again when she saw herself in the mirror! So funny! Love it!

She now has added knowing where her eyes, ears and sometimes her nose are too! Although she mostly likes to point to mommy's eyes, nose and ears when you ask her where they are! She's known where her hair, toes, feet, tummy and diaper are for awhile now!

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