Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friend Thanksgiving Feast

We went to our friends Allison and Brandon's house (parents of Tyler and Ava) for their annual Thanksgiving feast this year. It's the first year we were actually able to make it! Also the year that everyone decided not to cook and order a big Thanksgiving meal from Boston Market! That worked for us! It was really yummy!

I only have one picture uploaded from this night. But I thought it told the story much better than any other picture could! This is the kids table! Love the age difference! Ava and Jocelyn got their own mini tables! Brody wasn't in the picture because he came later! Tyler, Maddy and Jordan are all very close in age (3 and 4yo's old) and Ava and Jocelyn are two months apart! The kids loved it and had a yummy first thanksgiving feast of the year while the moms and dads got to have a little quick conversation before the kids were done!

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