Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Weekend Fun!

 Jocelyn has been asking for "curly" hair lately! She is getting use to her 1st grade year now and loving going to school again. Still some stomach issues but each day is getting better.

Friday I finished up her gingerbread room! She's been asking me to decorate her room in a Candyland Theme for awhile now!

 I had too much fun at Hobby Lobby!
 I found those candy cane letter cut-outs on Amazon and then spray painted wood blocks, pink. Then just glued the cut-outs to the wood blocks!

 Saturday night we went to Disneyland!

 Jocelyn wasn't feeling 100% so we kept it mello!

 Only Casen and I went to church so that Jocelyn could rest. Took her to see the puppies at the mall. She loves doing that!

 Awesome weekend!
Can you tell they want a dog really badly! They took their toy dog to the park! HA!

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