Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We love FOOD!

The Salads! We picked the one on the left! The dressing was so GOOD!
The apps! All were really good...oh except the mushrooms with sausage on them! No thanks!

Oh but Steve liked them! :-)

The entrees to try!

Wash it all down with some sprite! Yum!

These are the linen colors we picked from! Steve actually came up with the color combo! Turq table cloth, turq chair covers and ivory sashes! Then the centerpieces are red flowers so that will be the accent color!

Friday, Steve and I took work off and we checked a bunch of things off our "to do" wedding list! We picked our food for the venue and linens! Then off to Rossmoor Bakery to pick the cake flavors! Of course we couldn't decided so we had to go with 3 flavors! Chocolate with Chocolate filling, Chocolate with strawberry filling and then Steve got one with Vanilla and some fancy raspberry filling! That will be our top tier that we eat in a year! Hmm hope it's still good then! Just another excuse to get more cake right if it doesn't last!?

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