Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random Picture's

A few nights ago I told Jocelyn it was almost time for bed. I told her she needed to pick up all her toys before she went to bed. I turned around for maybe 2 minutes..when I looked back I saw this!! HA! I couldn't be mad at that and just had to laugh!

I thought Jocelyn looked so cute in her hand me downs from Emma! Thanks again Kelly!!

Although Jocelyn's had those leg warmers since she was a baby! She only just now likes to wear them!

Time to dance! We had a dance party in Casen's room last night as Jocelyn played music on the keyboard!

Ryan sent me this photo from Saturday! Wish Casen was looking but it's a good one!

Saw this flower laying on the grass this weekend! Not growing from the grass but had just blown into our a little sign that Spring was on it's way!

I took the below picture on my iphone. Then I put it into a photo app called Scratch Cam and added some fun filters to it for the above photo!

Yay for Spring being on it's way!!!!!!!!! Hurry UP!

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