Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jocelyn Says

The other day were were watching The Fresh Beat Band-a new favorite show of Jocelyn's! There is lots of singing and dancing in that show!
She stood up and said, "No me dancer!"
I said, "oh you want to dance too!?"
She said, "Yeah my mommy dancer and my daddy dancer!"
So I said, "why don't you make up a dance!"
So she did.....didn't really think she would!
She said, "Spin AROUND REAL FAST, (as she spun around) then KICK (as she kicked her foot out really hard) !!! Then Spin around real fast (as she spun she went faster and faster)!" Then she said, "ME Dizzy!!" HAHAHA!

Steve and I try not to be "those" parents who are impressed by small things our kids do...but hey we totally were for a few moments with this one!!

She has told me a few times the last few days since then that she is a "DANCER!" OK! Mommy couldn't be more happy!

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