Monday, March 26, 2012

Chalk Wall

On Saturday before we set out for the day I wanted to get these picture's done. I wanted to capture Jocelyn at a week away from 2 and a half and Casen at 6 months!
Jocelyn loved the dress I picked out for her! She said she was a "dancer" in it! So cute! But when it came time to take the photos she wasn't as excited! Oh well at least I got a few of her! Casen sat there patiently as I snapped away!

It popped in my head one day that I could put their age on the wall above them! I'd seem this done with how far along people are in their pregnancy and thought it would be cool to do it for the kids too!

Love those chubby cheeks!

He is such a great poser for me! I didn't place his hands there at all! He just did it himself!

Jocelyn pointing to the numbers! All done.....

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