Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Or "STEPHEN" as Jocelyn says if Daddy doesn't answer the first time! We hope you have an amazing day and we can't wait to eat your ice cream cake with you! Hope you let us have a piece! Heehee!!

We celebrated by going on a little date night last night while my mom watched the kids! We had a nice relaxing weekend as well which we all really needed!

So a few weeks ago I set off to take some photos of the kids in GREEN for St. Patrick's day! With kids every "holiday" is fun! I found this green tie in the dollar bin at Target-so why not! Jocelyn has always been up for a photo shoot here and there so thought it would be the same. But not so much this time! She was not in the mood! When a two year old is not in the mood, not much gets done!

After she turned around I got excited thinking maybe she would smile a bit! But I got the below! Sunglasses over the eyes! Actually thought it was still pretty cute!

Casen loved the tie and ate it right up! A green WET tie is how the photo shoot ended! I did get a couple of her smiling that I will post later as well!

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