Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jesus Race

On Saturday we went to Kelly's church in Redondo Beach for a "Jesus Race" Festival! It's also where Emma and Jack go to school!

At first it was pretty cold. But finally the clouds parted and the sun came out! We took lots of picture's inside during craft time! The kids loved it!

Emma got her 1st tattoo! Heehee!

Emma was again SUCH a big help with Casen! She really loved kissing him and making him laugh!

Jack eating his cheese and crackers for snack time!
Emma gave Jocelyn a big hug!

At the end of the day Jocelyn told me she wanted to do the bounce house! Earlier when Jack and Emma had gone on it she didn't want to. No biggie because she has never wanted to! Until now! So when she said she wanted to I JUMPED at the chance to get her in there and overcome her fear! Grandma E stood in line with her while mommy snapped away with the camera!
I held my breath until she went in! I thought for sure she would change her mind ANY minute!
Then I saw THIS face! BIG SMILES!

After the kids jumped a bit then they lead them up the ladder where the slide was.
I got nervous again as I realized her little arms weren't strong enough to get her up! So I asked these two SUPER nice tweens to help her up! They didn't hesitate and helped her up the entire way! Mommy was so happy!!!
As soon as she came off she said, "AGAIN MOMMY! AGAIN! I go AGAIN!" OK OK! I was MORE than happy to let her go again!

So again she stood in line but with Emma this time! They got some more hugs in!

This time I ran to the end to get her coming down the slide!!! So proud of you Jocelyn!!!
Catching air!!!!!
She was proud of herself too!
Now we waited to watch Emma come down the slide!

There she IS!
Jack waited for her too!
Then we went back to Kelly and Ryan's for naps! But Jocelyn wasn't tired (yeah right) so we played dress up while Emma, Jack and Kelly napped!

Baby Casen wasn't tired either!
Super fun day! Both kids were asleep before we got to the freeway! When we pulled into the driveway and Jocelyn woke up, she burst into tears saying, "EmmaJack House!!!"! Poor thing was so upset that she wasn't at their house anymore!

Steve starts his Spring Break today! Woohooo!!!

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