Monday, April 30, 2012


 After seeing the stranded Dolphin as we drove by the Bolsa Chica wetlands on Saturday, Jocelyn kept talking abotu Dolphins.
So after church we went to the Seal Beach pier and walked up and down. We thought maybe we would see some but didn't really know what to expect. As we walked back down the pier we were almost to the end when a little girl walked up to us and said, "There are dolphins off the pier! Want to see!?" It was as if God knew Jocelyn just had to see these dolphins and sent her over. Otherwise we seriously would not have known about them!
We waited a few minutes and one popped up! Then he kept popping up and Jocelyn was so excited! She would yell, "I SEE HIM I SEE HIM!" We also saw a seal that was playfully playing in the water so close to the pier and shore! Jocelyn loved it!
 You can barely see it in this photo but it's there! See how close it is to shore!?

After naps we went to the park! Jocelyn wanted to ride on the swings but the park when went to had only ONE baby swing. So after some quick thinking mommy did this!! It was a risky move as most people know you are never sure how a 2yr old will react to something new! But Jocelyn thought it was hysterical! Whew...close one! Problem solved and both kids happy! Woohooo!!!!! What a great weekend!

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