Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Weekend

Friday we had a big storm come through! After I got home it looked like it was done. But then the second wave came and it started to rain again! Jocelyn wanted to take her umbrella outside and dance in the rain! Sure why not!

She had a BLAST of course!

Then we gave Casen a bath! He loves when Jocelyn goes in there too to entertain him! She makes him laugh so hard! Love it!

Where'd she go???

There she IS!

On Saturday we went to Nicolas' baseball game! We finally had a free Saturday! He did so great!

and he got a HIT!

Grandpa Davis holding Casen! Casen is wearing a hand me down that Nicolas wore as a baby! It is so warm and snuggly! Perfect for the weather that day!

Afterwards all the kids took a knee and they gave out the team ball! Nicolas has gotten it twice now!

Running the bases!

Jocelyn standing on the P.E. numbers at the school where the game was!

Love this photo! It was Casen's first baseball game!!!

After the game we went to get some yummy BBQ!

They have a playground in the front yard of the place that Jocelyn loves! It had a lot of static in it! Her hair was standing straight up!

In the afternoon on Sunday we went to a friends birthday party! It was hawaiian theme so Jocelyn is wearing a hawaiian dress above!

When we were driving home Jocelyn kept telling me her bike was stuck in a tree! I think she got that from the Veggie Tales movie where they sing about their "BALL" getting stuck in the tree! But she must have heard bike!

So she was adamant about riding her bike when we got home!

She said, "Me going to school! Bye!"

Her newest thing is playing, "school"! She will tell Steve or I, "You be teacher!" and then we have to pretend to be the teacher and she raises her hand and we all go to recess and play and eat lunch!

Oh and she said last night, "my school different! My school PINK!" I liked that!!!

We really need to get her a helmet since she is riding more. Especially when she rides the scooter! We will do that soon!

Off to school she goes!

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