Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

This was the best picture I got of my "no picture's" 2 year old this Easter! She truely has reached the 2 1/2 yr mark of challenging and not always being mommy and daddy's agreeable girl! She is exploring her independence which is fine but leaves mommy with less cute pictures!

Little man sitting for his photo! He looked so cute! Loved the shoes Grandma Davis gave him!

We went to church this morning for Easter and then my mom, Kelly, Ryan, Jack & Emma came over! We had yummy lasagna & garlic rolls! I also made a cake to celebrate my moms birthday a little early!
I made a sign for Easter & my mom's birthday!

Jelly beans, peeps & roses as our centerpieces!
I also got cake pops from a girl at my work!

My boys!
The kids are ready to hunt some eggs!
and they are off...

Jocelyn loved it!
Aunt Kelly & Uncle Ryan with Casen
Daddy getting creative

Jocelyn just wanted the eggs with chocolate in them
Had the girls close their eyes for the Easter baskets

They loved them

Jocelyn wore the dress that our flowergirl Maddy wore in our wedding!

The girls pretending to sleep
Emma giving Grandmaher present!

Happy Birthday Grandma E.!

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