Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 Last night Jocelyn found this magazine insert and said, "Oh dis my mail mommy! It's very special! Daddy sent it to me!" I said, "Oh he did?"
She said, "Yes! Mommy you read me!"
So I made something up about how daddy loves her a lot (mind you he is in the next room this whole time) and blah blah blah! She said, "Oh thank you! So special!"
Where does she get this stuff?
She is also now saying, "OH Pickles!" if anything doesn't go right or she drops something! Not sure where that came from just yet! But she knows it's funny because everytime she says it she shoots us a look and smiles as if she knows how stinkin' cute she is!

She is also still saying, "Who's that mean?" Or "What that mean?" when she doesn't understand something! I think it's her version of "why?"!

She was very clever when I put her to bed last night too! She was clearly trying to stretch out the routine! One of her questions was, "Does Casen have hair?" I said, "Yes, but just a tiny bit!" She said, "Can I go see?"
Ahhhh good one Jocelyn! No sorry it's bedtime!
Her favorite books right now are Goodnight Moon (finally) and Good Morning, Good Night. They are two books that Nicolas handed down to her. Steve or I have read them both every night since we got them from Aunt Robin! Even for naps!! She loves them!
This was Casen as he went to sleep last night! I love his chubby little hand with the rolls on his wrist! I want to eat them up! So fun! Casen is now into banging things together. Everything makes noise and bang bang bang he will go with whatever is in his hands to create that noise! He loves it! New baby babble is "A-Da"!

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