Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jocelyn Says

Last night I said to Jocelyn, "Jocelyn!? Are you hungry? Do you want dinner?"
Jocelyn replied, "No, Mine Fine!"

asked a few minutes later again.....and she said, "No, please!"
*note-we still fed her! :-)

The other day I asked her, "Jocelyn who did you play with today!?" and she said, "Ryder! I Ryder's favorite!"
I said, "OH you are??"
She said, "Yeah!!" in her most confident tone!

Her latest constant question's are, "What's that mean!?"
Or, "Who's making that noise!?" when she hears just about ANYTHING! So we hear this A LOT!

Her latest gestures are putting her hand out and bending her wrist in a "don't worry about it" motion and she will say, "OH it's nothing!"

Love her!!!

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