Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 1/2 year old Interview

I saw this on another blog. I told my sister to do it with Emma since she is already 3! Her answers are hysterical! Love it! You can check it out at if you want. I love the part about Jesus and "He's a raisin"...meaning "He is Risen!"

Since Jocelyn isn't 3 yet I wasn't going to do it. But I thought I'd ask her a few of the questions now and see how they change for later:

How old are you? 2!
When is your birthday!? What?
Where did your brother come from? Poop! (Oh dear....someone is awful silly tonight)
Where did you come from? Toot (based on our laughing from the "poop" answer she started to get even MORE silly).
What is your favorite song? A good one! (This got us going again! Did she really just say that?)
What is your favorite movie? A good one! (I believe she only said it again because we laughed so hard at the first time she said it)

We stopped asking after that! The girl was just too silly!

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