Monday, April 30, 2012

7 month Photoshoot

*Sneak peak from Heidi's session! I hadn't planned on being in the photos but Heidi convinced me I would like this one! Of course I do!
*She just sent me another one so I had to add it to the blog! I'm offically in love!!!!

 On Saturday morning we had my friend Heidi come over for another Casen photoshoot. She is the one who also did his newborn shoot! She is so talented! She is also going to do is 1st birthday smash cake photos! We will do family photos at that time as well! I can't wait!

However, let's HOPE Jocelyn wants her picture taken by then. She wanted NO part in being in any of these photos this time. It's reached a bad place now! She cries, throws a fit, runs away! No candy, juice or chocolate can bride her into the photo either...because trust me I tried!!! So we will try again next time!
I love this photo that Steve caught of the session! Jocelyn peering around the corner of the backdrop! She wanted to see what it was all about but didnt' want anyone to notice her!
 Heidi makes things so comfortable and relaxed which I love! It's not always the most relaxing thing to get your baby/child to smile and do cute things the exact moment the photog is there! Talk about pressure for everyone! But Heidi's calm and fun personality puts all those fears away and let's the parents relax and enjoy the shoot as much as we can! Of course we had every toy that made noise in the world trying to make Casen smile! It's not hard when him though!
 Bucket time!! I just love his hat!!!

How cute is that plaid shirt! Compliments of Target! Seriously so hard to find cute boy clothes when I need them!

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