Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cypress Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we participated in the Easter egg hunt they had in Cypress. It was our first year doing this so we weren't sure what to expect. They had a great easter egg hunt if you were 4-7. They put a TON of eggs out and let these ages go crazy splitting them into two groups.

But for the 0-3 ages they had an obstacle course and then they got ONE egg at the end of it. Yes, just one. The line was so long no kid wanted to go back around again. Not exactly the best plan but hey it's a free event so we can't complain.

They also had face painting, animal balloons and picture's with an Easter bunny. Except the animal balloons weren't ready and the Easter bunny was late. But none of that matter to Jocelyn because the park was there!

She just wanted to swing and swing and swing! She cried giant tears when we left because she just wanted to swing! The eggs were just a plus for her apparently!

Jumping in the hula hoops!

Getting her egg!

Finally the swings! Hooray!
Did I mention it was like 85 degrees? Yeah super nice weather! See Jocelyn's pink cheeks!

Back home for naps. Probably another reason she was tired. We had already done gymnastics that morning as well! Big day!

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