Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter is coming!

Easter is almost here! Steve's been on Spring Break all week! He's been able to get some rest and do a lot of errands and cleaning around the house!
Baseball season also started so he and Casen have been watching the games!

Jocelyn and I were playing together on Sunday night. I thought it would be fun to talk to her about Sunday and I said, "Jocelyn the Easter bunny is going to come to your house and bring you an Easter basket full of toys!" She looked up at me with the most worried face I've ever seen! She stood up, put both hands to her forehead in distress! Her little eyes started to well up with tears as she said, " bunny mommy!" She quickly came over to sit on my lap at she buried her head in my chest! So I had to think fast! I said, "OH no he will come when you are sleeping!" THAT made it WORSE! Mommy fail! Then she didn't want to go to bed! But Steve and I assured her we had cancelled that bunny and he was NOT coming over at all! That seem to make her feel better! Crazy how you never know how a 2 year old will react to something!

Needless to say we did not go see the Easter bunny in any mall either! After that I was sure that would completely tramatize her!

I have tomorrow off and will have a lot to get ready for Easter!

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