Monday, May 4, 2009

Nicolas' 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Nicolas' 4th birthday on Saturday night. Even though his real birthday is May 6th! During the morning he got to have breakfast with Mickey and the characters at Disneyland! So fun! Then that night we all got together to celebrate with a Pirate themed party and mexican food!
Nicolas eating at the kids table with his friends!

I took this picture of the cake upside down. So it looks sorta weird. But it was a really cute cake and all the kids wanted the center..of course! Ha!
Nicolas with his mom, Robin, before blowing out his candles!
Nicolas was so patient with his presents. He waited for everyone to come in before he started!

Then he ripped into them! The handy mandy gift someone got him was a huge hit with every kid there! Happy Birthday Nicolas!

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