Friday, February 3, 2012

Lexington Idol

As soon as I got home last night we packed the kids in the car, got some dinner and went to Steve's school! They were having a "Lexington Idol" contest! They had 18 kids sing for 2 minutes each! It didn't start until 6:30pm so we decided to beat the crowd and get there early! We ate dinner in Steve's classroom which Jocelyn thought was SUPER fun! She always loves going to his classroom! She wanted to color more than eat though!

Once the show started the music was REALLY loud for Jocelyn's ears! Daddy had to take her outside and ease her back into it! Once she got use to it she LOVED the show and clapped right along with everyone!
Casen was tucked away in my sling & I had a blanket over his ears to muffle the sound. He fell alseep before the first act was even over!

Some of the kids were REALLY good!! I found myself getting super teary eyed and they weren't even kids I KNEW! I'm in trouble when it's my kids up there! I'll be balling my eyes out!

My favorite part was all the parents with their phones up recording the whole thing! So much support and a super great event to watch!
They even had 3 teachers dress up as the 3 judges (Randy, Stephen Tyler and Jo-Lo)! Of course they gave every kid an A+ review!!

We got our seats and were waiting for the show to start!

When we left we asked Jocelyn if she had fun at daddy's school! She pointed to a classroom we were walking by and said, "my classroom!" I said, "OH are you excited to go to school someday!?" She said, "NO ME TEACH!"
Ohhhhh got it! Too funny!

Here are some other picture's I took throughout the week on my phone!

Two faces I love to squeeze!!!!

Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!

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