Friday, February 17, 2012


Jocelyn has been growing so much lately! She fits very nicely into a 2T pants and dress now! I've had to go through her closet and pack up a lot of stuff! I haven't had to do that with her stuff for awhile! With her being so petite we got away with not having to buy her a lot of new stuff. Her leggings still fit her all the way down to 3-6months! STILL! With summer approaching I thought I better get a little bit bigger sizes for summer dresses. So I bought a few from! This online site has some of the cutest stuff! I got 3T's so she can grow into them! 2 fit perfectly already but the rest were so big they literally fell right off her! Her shoulders are just very small! Their prices are sometimes more than I would pay but when they have good deals I grab them! Here is one of the dresses I got her from there for $11!

Jocelyn has also been begging us for an "bumbella" or umbrella as we call them! She asks us for a "mimi mouse" one everytime she sees one! But I have never seen them out and about! So when I saw this Olivia (another favorite character of hers) on Zulily I had to grab it! It was only $8! Yes I know it doesn't rain a lot here but she will love to play outside with it I'm sure even in the sun!

Thankfully we have made two friends at gymnastics and they both have 1 year old boys! They both brought us 2 bags full of 9 month clothes for Casen! Some really cute stuff that will be great for daycare wearing! Jocelyn never grew out of her things. The only reason we had to get new things for her was because the weather changed! So I'm not use to putting clothes on a baby and them being too small! At almost 5 months Casen has blown through 3 months sizes and fits perfectly in 6months! But can also easily wear 9 month clothes already! Love the cargo pants someone gave us for him! They unbutton and I got 2 more inches! Woohoo!!

Happy Friday everyone!

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