Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July 2012

 How is half the year over already!? How is it the 4th of July already? Slow down mister time!!

Our 4th of July has changed a little bit every year since we got married! Depending on the kids and their age it all depends on what we do! This year we finally excepted an invitation to join some friends at a morning parade in Bixby Knolls! Our friends live right down the street and their in-laws live in the neighborhood of the parade! It's such an amazing area with huge giant old mansions along the parade route!

 We met at our friends Missy and Mark's house! With two kids themselves they had plenty of toys to play with while we waited! Jocelyn found the drums right away!

 We then all followed each other and walked to the beginning of the parade route to wait for it to start. They let the fire trucks and vintage cars go first. Then they have all the kids, strollers, wagons and scooters follow behind. The route leads to a park where they have tons of games for the kids and free food for everyone!!
 They had vintage fire trucks there too for the kids to sit on! Jocelyn wasn't so into it!
 3/4 of our family! Some guy offered to take our photo and Jocelyn was being 2 so she didn't get in it! They even had free coffee!
 Finally agreed to be held for a picture at least!
 Jenn, Thomas and Amy waiting for the parade!
 Hooray it's starting! The kids were really good through the whole thing! It was probably just under a mile walk so very easy! How american is that photo! Love it!
 At the park Jocelyn and Casen played with the balloons we had attached to the stroller!
 Crazy that it was SO cold in July this year. The clouds stayed around most of the day! The grass was very muddy as well! Not at all the typical July weather!

 They had balloon tosses! Jocelyn almost participated until I walked up and she wanted to come to me! Ugh!
 What a fun morning! On our walk home Casen finally got to sleep! He was so tired her fell asleep holding his balloon!

We went back to our street to hang out with our neighbors who were having a pig roast! We set off a few small fireworks with the neighbors as well and then turned in for the night! It was so weird having the 4th in the middle of the week! But we all had a really good time!
Happy 4th of July!!

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