Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Mother's Day

 It was another awesome Mother's Day! The older the kids get the more fun and thoughtful my homemade gifts are! I love the homemade ones! They mean so much! Jocelyn so so excited to give me all her gifts! She made me a super cute keychain with her hand on it that I forgot to take a photo of. But it's on my keychain now! The above and below are Casen's from preschool! Too funny!
 I never eat hamburgers! I also didn't even know DQ had chocolate cake! LOL! I do not like to clean the house! I also cannot believe he still doesn't know what I do! At least he thinks I'm 30 (almost shaved off 10 yrs from my real age).....ha! Oh well!

 The family card that light up! Love it!!!
 The above and below cards were made by Jocelyn! She was so excited to give them to me.

 Steve remembered some bowls I had admired and he ordered them! I had no idea!! Love the colors so much!!
 Then we went to Red Lobster to celebrate!! The biscuits are insanely amazing!!!

Family selfie time! HAAHAAA! Too fun! Such a fun day!!

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