Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Prep, Chewy in a wrap & Sunrise!

 Casen asked if he could bring each of his teachers a Chocolate Red Rose. NO idea where he got that idea from but off to the 99 cent store we went where they had tons! He wrote his name on his one! Love it!
 Jocelyn also started to put hers together for school! Rice Crispy treats with a sticker that has an emoji on it of course! Her favorite!
 These are Casen's stickers! Chewbacca of course!

 Chewy loves when I walk around the house with him. So I thought I'd get my baby wrap out! LOL! TOO FUNNY! Cracked us up! Jocelyn loves it more I think though!

 Casen drew this awesome picture this week! Love it!
 Chewy and mommy!
 Came home from dance and got a very warm welcome from the boys!
 Jocelyn with her Jazz 2 class! They set up a wall for the girls to take photos in front of!
 Woke up to a gorgeous sunrise today! Waiting for another storm to come in!

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