Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Crazy Hair Day - 1st Grade

 Dr Seuss Week for pretty much every public school means a week filled with different things for the kids to wear or do. This time ours started with Crazy Hair Day. I seriously do not remember doing this last year but Jocelyn assures me we did. But this year she wanted to go big. So off to google we went! She saw several photos of the cupcake hair and wanted me to try that. I was hesitant but ended up having all the supplies at home. Just some cupcake wrappers (that I cut a hole in) and then puff balls that I ended up gluing to toothpicks so they would stay in.

 Wa-la! Cupcake hair! Easier than I thought!

 Jocelyn and Hannah!

 Kiara and Jocelyn
 Jocelyn and Annabelle
Jocelyn, Annabelle and Mia

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