Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ice Cream Truck

 Who doesn't remember getting candy or ice cream from the ice cream truck as a kid?? We have a truck that comes around every so often! Usually we just let it pass but in the back of my head I always thought about letting Jocelyn run out to get something! It's one of those things as a parent that is really cool to introduce. However you know once you do, there is no going back! They will forever know what the music playing a few streets away means! Weather we are prepared or not it will come down our street again and you just know those 2 year old ears will hear it MILES away!

But who cares right?????? It's the ICE CREAM TRUCK!! So mommy was pretty excited when Steve and I heard it Monday night and gave each other that knowing look parents do without speaking! Up we ran from our backyard to the front with money in hand! Casen and Jocelyn were clueless until we said, "WHO WANTS ICE CREAM!?" Jocelyn's eyes were huge!! She was still a little confused but excited of course!!!
 She pointed at the Dora ice cream and all the candy! But we ended up going with a vanilla ice cream dipped in nestles crunch chocolate for her! She didn't really care! She was just really excited to get ice cream, from a truck, in front of her HOUSE! HA!

 See how happy she was!?
OK time for dinner! HA! Just kidding....!

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