Friday, July 31, 2009

Sonoma Wineries

We went to a few wineries while in Sonoma. I only got to smell this time! I did take a few lip tastes of wines that were worthy! It was kinda funny because most pourers didn't notice I was pregnant. Even after saying that we only wanted one tasting, they would put two glasses out. Sometimes Steve would even have to repeat himself and say, "one tasting, she is pregnant" while he pointed to my belly! That finally got their attention! I saw other people notice and look nervously at my belly as if to question if I was drinking! People are funny!
Of course we had to go back to BR Cohn! Their Olive oil is amazing! We had to stock up again! We didn't see Landon this time though!

Us at Chateau St. Jean! One of the wineries we belong to. We are in the reserve tasting room! Free for members! Woohoo!

This is on the grounds of St. Francis Winery.
Inside the tasting room of St. Francis!

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