Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Power of Prayer

My mom with Sonia back in December. Steve and I both believe very strongly in the power of prayer! If you are reading this, please take the time to pray for my cousins daughter, Sonia. Last night she fell out of a 2nd story window in her house. It was a tragic accident and is just another reminder how quickly something like that can happen.
She has a skull fracture with some bleeding and bone fragments. Her reactions are normal and the doctors say she should go home tomorrow with no need for surgery! Such a blessing that there was no brain injury! The doctors say that her brain did it's job by protecting the brain like a helmet!
Complete healing should take about 6 wks according to the doctors.
Thanks for your prayers!


Jen and Brian Tees said...

Oh no!! So sad:( I will def say a prayer.

Anonymous said...

I believe in the power of prayer, too. I will definately mention her in mine. God has done an amazing job in designing a human body - so, glad to hear hers was doing its job! - Be Magnificent!