Friday, July 10, 2009

Becoming more real..!

We had our 3D appt last night at Before the Stork in Los Al! Their facility is awesome with theater seating! The screen is as big as the wall! We brought my mom and Steve's mom along as well, so they had a great, comfy view of the whole thing! It was an amazing experience! So great that we get to do it again on Monday! Ha! The reason being, she wasn't so accomadating to us! She had her foot clear up to her forehead covering her face and seemed rather comfortable there. At one point she even looked like she was going to put it in her mouth! We got to see a lot of yawns and eye blinking though! It was just really hard to get a full head shot! The lady doing the 3D even switched us out with another couple and brought us back in after I drank more water, jumped around and tried to get her to move her legs down! The 2nd time around proved a little better but the lady still wanted to bring us back for free! Which of course was completely fine with us! So hopefully next time I can post better picture's!

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