Friday, July 15, 2011

7 months pregnant!

A picture of Jocelyn for fun! She is at the skate park here with Daddy! It's another Daddy and Jocelyn day for them! But the mommy is not feeling too good today so she may be home soon as well!

Today we are 29wks! 7 months and 1 week then! 11 weeks to go!

I had a doctors appt this week since I had to get my RH neg. shot at 28wks. So then I will go back in 3 more weeks at 32 wks and then every 2 wks until I deliever!

I've been feeling good again but not so much today! Just didn't sleep well and stomach pains again! Never a fun thing but I'll survive as always!

We have a big family weekend planned with both sides of our family actually! Super busy so looking forward to new picture's to post soon!

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