Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jocelyn's Latest Doctors Visit

*picture of Cetaphill Restoraderm-NEW

Jocelyn's excema started to get bad and stayed bad at the beginning of the summer! It normally comes and goes and stays around her ankles. However, it started to spread and was getting out of control. We had tried everything and those products would work for a few days and then stop!

So it was time to see our favorite doctor again! Steve had done Jocelyn's 18 month appt so our doctor hadn't seen me for awhile!

She was suprised to see my big belly! I told her she would be having a new client in Sept! She is super excited for us!

After looking at Jocelyn's skin she agreed it was out of control and we had to bring out the big guns! She put her on an oral steriod for 3 days and then gave us more steriod cream to put on the really bad areas.

Then she gave us samples of the Cetaphill Restoraderm. It's NEW! She said Target isn't selling it yet but we can get it at local drugstores. So far no CVS's I've been to have it. But it's on drugstore.com and amazon! I just wanted to be able to use the coupons she gave us first but can't seem to find it in stores just yet! For now we will use the samples of body wash and lotion she gave us!

About 3 hours......yes hours.....after Jocelyn took the oral steriod the excema on her ankles was 90% better! Steve and I were shocked! There are still really dry spots and a few red problem areas that still need tending too but slowly we are getting it under control!

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