Friday, July 22, 2011

1st Trip to Disneyland!

I made Jocelyn's shirt for her first time to Disneyland. It has a "J" in the center of the Mickey head!
We pumped her up and got her all excited to see Mickey and Minnie!

My good friend Shannon got us in for our visit! She works for disney and so it was a special treat!

Our first ride was the train! Jocelyn loves "choo-choo's" and get really excited to ride them! We took it to Toon Town so we could start at the pack of the park!
We saw the "It's a small world" was a short 10 minute wait. So we took advantage and put Toon Town on hold for a minute. She loved the ride and "ooh'd and aww'd" through the whole thing. She was so wide eyes and even clapped to the music!
Then to Toon Town! She loved the playground and house with the piano in it! She spent so much time there!

Then we got her a churro! She took quite a long time to finish it and never fully did actually!
Then we went to the Tiki Room! Jocelyn also loved that as well! She didn't even get scared at the thunder towards the end!

A duck and her two baby ducklings wander over and hung out behind us for quite a bit of time. I think they were waiting for Jocelyn to drop that churro!

We saw Minnie on our way to California Adventure's but didn't get to take a picture with her. We also saw Mickey, Pluto (several times) and Goofy!

At California Adventure's we rode on a caterpillar in Bug's Life Land and also rode Monster's Inc. Jocelyn was right in the front and never showed any fear! Our brave girl!

By then though we were pushing Jocelyn's patiences. She had only fallen asleep for about 40 minutes at which point we ducked into California Adventure hotel and got some nice relaxing AC time.

We had a really good time for it being our first time. We tried to not have too many expectations but we think Jocelyn did much better and lasted way longer than we thought she would considering her age!
We got these shots as we left the park!
"Let the memories begin"....many more years os memories to create! We can't wait!

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