Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family BBQ

My cousin Whitney and her husband Jordan have been back in town since Wednesday! They live in Seattle now but are moving to Spain in August for Jordan to attend business school at IESE in Barcelona! So they came down to SoCal to do one last family tour! It's always so fun hanging out with them.

So we had all family come over to our house for a big BBQ on Saturday! It was a really fun day!
Jordan meeting Jensen (Caroline's son) for the first time!
Jordan, Whitney and Aunt Cherie (Whitney's mom) hanging out soaking up the sun!
Aunt Kristi olding her grandson, Jensen!
Aunt Cherie meeting Jensen for the first time!
Jocelyn and Emma playing with the kitchen!

Caroline and her son, Jensen

Emma's new hat!

Telling secrets already!
Aunt Kelly and Emma!
Mommy kisses!

Jack and Grandma E!
Merrick going down the slide!
Whitney meeting Jensen
Curtis holding his nephew, Jensen.
Jensen's baby feet!

Baby Smiles at 6 weeks!
2nd cousins! I really wanted to get a picture of all the kids. We had to act fast!
Jack, Merrick, Jensen, Jocelyn and Emma! We did it!

Jack, Jocelyn (who was super tired at this point), Emma and Jensen!

Grandma's with their grandkids! Grandma E. holding Merrick, Jack, Jocelyn, Emma, Jensen and Grandma Kristi

What a fun day! We will be praying for Whitney and Jordan's safe travels and new adventures along this next journey in their lives!

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