Friday, July 22, 2011

OC Fair 2011

So we are on a bit of a staycation this week! Yesterday we conquered the OC Fair with Jocelyn for the first time! Steve and I hadn't been to the fair in years ourselves so it was fun to see it all again!

Of course we had to have something deep fried....

so we got a deep fried twinkie which Jocelyn and I were suppose to share. But she pretty much ate it all! Ha!

All done...
Then off to the fun zone to play in the sand! They had a GIANT spider in there that Jocelyn had to stare at and yell, "NIDER!" several times!

Then after having a proper lunch of a corndog we had shaved ice! Mommy thought that "bubble gum" flavor would be pink or red. But nope, it's blue! Mommy fail! Oh well!
By this time Jocelyn was very tired. But we managed to get through the shaved ice OK! She was frustrated with it continuing to fall on her so we put baby wipes all around her!

it seemed to make her feel better!
So tired and all done! Ready to go home!!

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