Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July BBQ at Grandma E's House

What a really great day! Kelly had the day off Friday so she took both kids to Grandma E's house for the day and night! We joined them this afternoon!

The girls never were really interested in going to the pool so we hung out around the house and played in the baby pool outside!

The girls really have fun together now and Jack is also joining in now too!

My mom got a bunch of our old Cabbage Patch Dolls and other dolls, clothes and blankets for us to see what we wanted for the girls. Jocelyn went right to a madame alexander doll! I wish I had taken a picture of them all in the garaged lined up! Brings back SO many amazing memories!
Steve and I brought extra chairs for outside but Emma and Jocelyn thought they would be perfect inside! So they set them up and wanted to sit in them as well! Who thought that could be so fun!

Now time to play outside!

So much fun with the hose!

Aunt Kelly was tickling Jocelyn!

Naked baby!!
We brought fruit kabobs and white chocolate covered strawberries! They were really good!
Then Jocelyn and Emma wanted to put suntan lotion on each other! So funny!

Grandma time!

Uncle Ryan was throwing a towel on top of the girls and then lifting it off! They obviously loved it!

Where is Emma?
There she IS!

Aunt Kelly and Jocelyn
Baby Jack

What a fun day.....but the girls were SO tired afterwards!

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