Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 Months

Lots going on so I missed Jocelyn's actual 10 month b'day post. But this is close enough right?

Stats: 15lbs, 3.5oz (WOOHOO-finally doubled her birthweight)
Height: 28"

So if anyone is keeping track this means she gained a while pound in 4 wks. She usually just does half of that. So this was a really good jump. She had zero sickness this month too! Well one big spit up/throw up session but that was IT! So it was a good month all around! So now we don't have to go to see her main doctor for a whole 2 months. That has never happened to us. Let's hope we can stay away for that long!

Doctors are sending us to the Pedatrics Gastroenterologist next week just to see if we can help her gain even more weight. We will let you know how it goes.

Jocelyn's current LIKES: Playing peek-a-boo, throwing balls, swinging at the park, fire engines (very unexpected), scooting/crawling forwards now (since 7/24), still dancing, taking steps holding on to mommy's hands, playing with older kids still, dogs finally (her first experience was with greyhounds and she was definitely not a fan) and "talking" about her day. OH and when the 7 day forecast comes on in the morning she goes nuts! No idea why! Cracks us UP!

Jocelyn's Newest Foods: Real Green beans, Real spaghetti, Cottage Cheese, Pancakes, Bagels, Watermelon and Cheerios!

Teeth: Finally getting more after the bottom two sat along for 4 months. Started to get another one on the bottom for a grand total of 3 down there. One is threatening to come in on the top side but that is it so far. Although she won't let me get near her front top gums so I suspect we will see those soon!

Happy 10 months Baby Girl!

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