Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doctors Appt

Jocelyn had her 15 month doctors appt. It was mostly for her latest vaccine's and a wt check. I had just talked to her pedi last week since her GI Dr changed her reflux meds. So her pedi called me to get an update. We feel so blessed to have such a caring doctor!

So today she was again 19lbs, 1oz. Which puts her down to 3% in weight. She was 19lbs, 1oz on 12/17 at the GI dr. But she was 19lb, 5oz at the pedi on 12/10. So technically the pedi had to report she lost 4 oz. However, she grew 1/2 and inch! She is now 31 inches. But her pedi wasn't too alarmed! Since she is talking so much and walking. The doctor was really happy with her verbal skills and continued thriving.

So they want us to come back in 3 months for another weight and well check. But they are happy we will be going back to the Pulmnologist and GI dr. next month!

So we continue to pray and hold our breathe through RSV season! We know a few children who have already gotten it this year so it's definitely out there again! Stay well everyone!!

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