Saturday, January 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Steve spoke at and online conference today so Jocelyn and I wanted to get out of the house so he would have no background noise! So our plan was to leave between 10-2. But we didn't really decide that until later last night so early this morning I called my sister to see what they were up to. We decided to have her and Ryan come down to Belmont Shores with the kids and we would do a fun Valentine's Day photo shoot. Or attempt one at least!

The attempt was super fun! What a fun day we had!
We found a cool brick wall on 2nd street that Jocelyn loved as long as she had her veggie puree!
This was before we left for the day! Love the picture of Jocelyn's belly!
HAHA according to Jocelyn I should be a comedian!
Everything is a phone these days to Jocelyn! Including daddy's temperature gauge.
The start of the shoot! We tried to give the kids props!

There is a really cool park in belmont shoes that is fenced off and has a side for very little ones. So they don't get trampled by the big kids!

No exactly park clothes but had to give them a photo shoot break!
We found a flower mart outside that the girls had fun running around!

We also found this cool mural!
You can't tell but Emma is spinning! HA! So funny!
Big hug from cousin Emma!

Emma (22 months), Jocelyn (15 months).....the age gap is closing!
So fun! You just never know what picture's you will get now since they are toddlers! But oh so fun to try!

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