Tuesday, April 5, 2011

18 Month Well Visit

Nervously sitting in the waiting room....
Nervously waiting for the doctor....

Here are her stats:

Weight: 20lbs, 7oz (YES!!!)-doctor was very happy! She gained 1lb, 6oz in 3 months!

Height: 32"-grew 1" in 3 months! Doctor said she knows she is getting good nutrietion because of her height!

Shoe Size: 2-3

Clothing Size: 6-12 month in dresses/tops. Some brands 12-18 months in tops with rolled sleeves. 3-6 month pants/jeans-ha!

New Words: Baseball, basketball, no bite (meaning for food not people)! She will repeat most things you say if she is in the right mood. I know there are more but can't think of any right now!

We have decided (along with our doctor) that we will not see our Pulminary Specialist or GI Dr anymore. Although both great doctors we feel we have gotten out of them what we needed for now. Our pedi feels she can handle Jocelyn's further progress on her own now as do we!

We took Jocelyn off her reflux medicine 3 wks ago. She has not thrown up/puked/spit up since being weened off! Dare we say she is acid reflux free? We sure hope so! It only took a year and a half but we are more than happy to take that!

We will continue her breathing treatments every OTHER night now until this rainy season stops! Seems like the longest one yet!! However, the doctor said Jocelyn's lungs sounds perfect today!

Although after the full exam we discovered that one of Jocelyn's ears has a slight infection! It might have explained the random night last week that she woke up screaming for us! So they gave her antibotics to take and it will hopefully clear it up soon! I can't believe it's only her 2nd ear infection!

So all in all a pretty good appt! I think the new weight was our biggest relief!

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