Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Irvine Railroad Park

Saturday we finally made it to Irvine Railroad Park. We figured Jocelyn was finally at the age to appreciate it a bit more! It was perfect weather as well! We also meet Grandma E, Kelly Ryan and the kids there as well!
Aunt Kelly and Emma

The girls played some ball and ring toss games! They give you prices no matter what! So fun!
Jocelyn got a purple flower!
Little chocolate bunnies!
Jack patiently waiting in the line for the train! Entertaining us!

Jocelyn was amusing herself as well!
A little nervous on the train but definitely warmed up to the idea and loved the ride!
Then we were off to decorate some cookies! No chairs so we just put the girls on the table! Worked out well!

Shake, Shake, Shake!

Now it's time to eat the artwork!

We waited for Emma to do the easter egg hunt. She was the only one old enough to participate! But she shared her eggs with Jocelyn!
The girls hugging goodbye!
Jocelyn wanted to eat her egg instead of the candy inside! What a fun day!! Happy Easter everyone!

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