Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Emma!

I pretty much couldn't resist taking a ton more picture's of Emma on Satuday! My mom and I went over to spend some time with Kelly and Emma while Ryan went to his nephew's 2nd birthday party. We had such a fun, peaceful time. I even got to change her diaper. I figured I needed the practice since it's probably been about 5 years since I changed a newborns diapers! I forgot how squirmy they can be. I'm also not so use to a girl! I'm use to boys where you can just put a diaper over their "parts" and they won't pee everywhere. As many of you know, girls aren't so much like that! So I managed to get her outfit all dirty and we had to change! What fun though! She was so patient with her Aunt Kari which I appreciated! I'm glad I got some practice in though!
Emma snuggled up to her mommy!

Emma's first close up! Look at that chin! Aww!

Snoozing on grandma!

She is in her crib for the first time here! We had to see how she liked it! She is wearing her handmade blanket from Grandma E of course! She loves it! can't you tell?

Grandma E in heaven! Giving Emma kisses on her head! It smelled so good!

I had to get Emma an early easter basket! She got 2 newborn onsies because all her outfits are just so big! She also got rabbit ears and socks! I got her some easter eggs with M&M's in them! But her mommy eat them! Sorry Emma!

Big yawn! Time to sleep some more!

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