Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun with Jocelyn

I finally like tummy time! Yippee!

I love my blanket that Grandma E made me!
Night night time! Getting very sleepy!

We put Jocelyn in this to walk around the car lots! She loved it!
But didn't like the sunglasses so much!
Much better!
Jocelyn is cooing and "talking" so much now! She loves repeating "hiiiii" and "whoooo" with her Daddy! It's so fun to watch! If anyone around her is talking she starting talking back immediately! She loves being social I guess! Wonder where she got that from! ?

We got a new car this weekend! Jocelyn was SO amazingly good the entire time! Everyone commented that she was even better than some adults! Ha! So now we have a new Chevy Traverse 2010! We will post picture soon!


kelly and ryan said... out steve you got another talker! AND i love how she pulls her blanket up over her just like her mommy used to do! i wonder if she'll sleep with 100 stuffed animals some day?

Auntie Pretty Kat said...

She is getting so big!! And she's getting those chubby little cheeks...ADORABLE!!!!