Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 Months!

Jocelyn is 3 months today! How did 3 months go by already?

She has another checkup on Monday so we will update her weight and height then!

She is offically out of all newborn sized sleepers. All because of her length! Her little feet are trying to bust right through! She is still in Newborn diapers though! I never thought she would be in them this long!

Her newest milestones are noticing her hands and always trying to put them in her mouth! She'd put her entire fist in her mouth if it was possible! She still loves her pacifier and will try to still put her hands in her mouth when she has her pacifier in!

One of her favortite things to do when she is tired it to rub her head above her ear back and forth! She mostly does this when she is very tired or eating!

Jocelyn loves to kick, kick, kick her feet! Especially when she is having her diaper changed! She loves talking to her headbands and bows hanging on the wall during this time as well!

Jocelyn is taking 3 naps still and eating once during the night. She moved into her crib New Years night and never looked back! She takes all her naps in her crib too but still sleeps the longest in mom or dad's arms!

She is still exclusively breastfeeding and getting the hang of the bottle as well. She will start daycare on Monday so she will take all feeding by bottle during the day!

Jocelyn loves talking to her mom and dad too! We will say "hiii" and it totally sounds like she says "hiiiii" back! It's pretty cute. It's so fun to ear her copy our sounds!

Happy 3 months baby girl!


kelly and ryan said...

so cute lady! i think she still looks like steve but her expressions are all you! love the pics!

Grandma E said...

I'm going to leave a comment now that I know how! She is the cutest baby ever and we had so much fun today. Thanks for coming over!!