Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

Steve and I had such a great, growing, surprising 2009. We found out we were expecting our baby girl at the beginning of the year. Then throughout the year we dealt with me being very sick 1st trimester. Then having to go on meds for high blood pressure. But in the end, baby girl was healthy and came 4 days after her due date. We feel like we were basically pregnant all of 2009. But that makes it sort of a sentimental year.

Then at the end of 2009, 3 days before Christmas, Steve's mom was in a very bad car accident! We got the phone call everyone dreads! We rushed to the ER and waited with Steve's family to hear about his mom's injuries! Most of you know that I have also been in two car accidents. I've never been on the waiting in the ER side! It's weird because you sort of have this bond with the other people in the ER who are also waiting to hear the fate of their loved ones as well! We saw some of those families in the hospital 3 days later!

Steve's mom was in ICU for 2 days! She was released late Christmas Eve and was able to spend Christmas with the family! She is on oxygen but getting better everyday! She got the great news that surgery would not be needed on her hand that was broken in 4 places! Apparently the ER doctor set her hand so well, that surgery wasn't needed anymore! Such a blessing! We just know she will heal fully by the time 2010 gets under way!

So we look forward to what 2010 will hold for our family! Jocelyn will be ringing in the New Year in her crib! First night! I know I will be sad but Steve and I will most likely be sleeping much better now! :-)

Happy New Years everyone!

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