Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's a...

Wait let's back up.....

Way back on my birthday in October, Stephen gave me a Tiffany's gift card to go pick out anything I wanted (i got a super pretty double banded ring). On the card it said, "Let's go for another baby....Jocelyn wants a brother!" SAY WHAT?

We had been talking about it but always saying we would not try until Jocelyn was at least 1 or her health issues were somewhat under wraps. Looking back I find it funny that "Jocelyn" asked for a brother!

At my 16 wk week (actually 15wks and 3 days) appt I told Steve to stay home with Jocelyn as it would be a pretty uneventful appt based on Jocelyn during that time.

So you can imagine how surprised I was when the nurse (our favorite one) said, "so are you going to have the dr tell you the sex today if she can tell?" My reaction was sort of shock. I said, "what? she might be able to tell?" As I remember with Jocelyn our doctor wouldn't even guess until our full anatomy scan! So then my mind started to race as I realized Steve wasn't with me. Do I call him and see if he and Jocelyn can come down to the drs now? Do I not find out? What to do!

So as I waited for the doctor it all the sudden popped into my head! I will have her write it on a piece of paper if she can tell and take it home to Steve and Jocelyn so we can all find out as a family!

So the doctor came in and explained my plan! She did the super fast ultrasound and started to walk out the door. I said, "wait, so could you tell?" She said, "OH YEAH-I'm getting an envelope!"

Ekk I was so excited!

So off I went home with envelope in hand! I walked in the door with a huge smile on my face. Steve said, "WHAT? did you find out!?" I said, "No, but this envelope knows!"

We got ourselves and the camera ready and went to find out if we were having a boy or girl this time!

Of course Jocelyn was very curious what all the excitement was about! She was right in the action as always!
The doctor put an ultrasound pix with a sticky note over it saying, "Baby Davis"....
The we took the sticky note off to reveal the wording, "Baby BOY!" It's a BOY!!
Jocelyn was studying his picture very intently!
She carried it around the house all night saying, "Baby!" and then would point to it!
With No prompting at ALL she went to her phone! We were laughing so hard! It was as if she knew that we needed to call all our family and friends!
"Hey Brody, I'm getting a brother!"..or so I imagine this is what she was saying!
So that night I baked two blue cakes and iced them with white icing so you couldn't see the blue cake part. Then we took one over to Steve's parents house....

and had one with my mom and Aunt Cherie!
All grandma's, grandpa's and great aunts were very excited!!!!!!!!! Can you tell? HA!

So yep, baby boy to debut 9/30! Woohoo!!!!


kelly and ryan said...

ahhhhhhh i love the pic of mom and AC! made me tear up a little! i wish i had done a colored cake!!! sooooo cute lady!

Jen and Brian Tees said...

These pictures are awesome! So cute that Jocelyn opened the envelope~we may steal your idea:) Love it!