Monday, May 23, 2011

Nursery Inspiration for Baby Boy!

Everyone knows that Steve loves the band RUSH! What everyone may not know is that Steve use to be in several bands growing up. He always played the drums of course! Up intil he met me actually! A few short months after we met, his drums were stolen out of his garage! Considering we then decided to get married and start a family quickly there after, they have sadly still not been replaced. We will however, someday do this and Steve will continue his drumming experience.

But until then, he continues to enjoy the sounds of RUSH and follow his favorite drummer, Neil Peart!

When trying to come up with a theme for Casen's room we thought it would be fun to incorporate that interest into it!

I'm not the biggest fan of doing the usual theme/colors. I also really like bright and bold colors! It's very hard to avoid baby blue when decorating a baby boys room. So it became a new challenge to find something bold, bright and fun to do for a baby boys room and stick to the "music" theme! I wanted to somehow mix in some RUSH posters with the color scheme....

and also the drum theme at the same time!
We found big wall decals of drum sillouttes that we will use on his wall-most likely above his crib!

Trying to find "drum" fabric was almost impossible though. I DID find some but at $15 a yard I had to find another way. Then I found the above! Michael Miller's Groovy Guitar print. I'd seen this print several times before but never in this color scheme. I loved it! It also seem to fit the model music theme were were going for! It also had NO baby BLUE in it! Another huge plus of course! I love the lagoon blue/articoke green/grey/black and white colors that really POP out!

(above is from sellar: Trouser on

I found several sellers on that sell this bedding. But none that had EXACTLY what I wanted! So off to The Baby Guy at the OC swap meet we went! Visit him on He is always there rain or shine in row "J" towards the back.

He knew exactly what we wanted! We designed our bedding with him this weekend and in 5 wks we will have it! I'll post picture's when we get it! I can't wait! Such a fun experience to design it all ourselves too! He is so easy and helpful to work with! It's similar to the one above!

Then I'm going to use some RUSH posters and photoshop the colors in the fabric into the posters. We found some cheap teal frames at Target that will work!

We also found a articoke green rimmed mirror to put above his changing table at Target for $5! Score!!

We will do a white crib which we still need to get. We are scoping out deals now!

We have even found some really affordable rocking chairs at IKEA and that would go with the colors and theme of the room without going over budget!

(above is from seller: sewcuteinaz on

I also found a seller on that does baby carseat covers. We will see what the budget is at after we finish his room and if there is room for this! But how could we not go for it right? It's just so cute!!

There are several sellers on that use this fabric! The possiblities are endless and oh so fun!!! I just typed in "groovy guitar" to and came up with a million listings for bibs, outfits, burb clothes and more!

I can't wait to post picture's once his room is done!

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