Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sea World

We took our first trip (probably of many) to Sea World this past weekend! They are having an amazing deal for teachers to get in free. We saw just about every other person there using this deal too! They could also get a guest in for free and then of course Jocelyn was already free! So we were super excited to take advantages of that!

We stayed at The Dana in Mission Bay since we got another good 50% of deal on their rooms. They also have a shuttle that takes you to Sea World and picks you up..again for Free! Their hotel is surrounded by the bay and so we also could walk to the beach! Except Jocelyn wasn't so excited about getting sandy feet and kept asking to put her shoes back on!

We saw the sea lions first!

Then we saw the sharks. Jocelyn was very confident until she got to this part of the exhibit! She wasn't so sure about sharks swimming above us!
Now off to the shows! We saw the Pets Rule first. Which Jocelyn was more concerned about eating her peanut butter crackers! She definitely acknowledged the cats, dogs and birds but after that she was unimpressed.

So before the dolphin show, Blue Horizon, we had Steve get seats and then I waited outside with Jocelyn until the very last minute. She still was ready to leave, waving "bye bye" to the dolphins well before they were ready to be done. But we managed to keep getting her back into the show! Thankfully it was only 25 minutes long! But it was a really great show!

Jocelyn was really excited when she saw this guy after the show! But as we got right next to him she got super shy! She did give him a high five though!
Yay penguins!
Off to the Artic...
The polar bears....
this one came super close to us!

under the sea.....
Love this picture that Steve took!

Elmo's, la, la la, Elmo Worlds....

"neelmo" as Jocelyn calls him! We actually have never watched Elmo's world. We have a few books and a stuffed animal or two. But I've never heard her actually say his name. So wouldn't stop pointing him out whenever she saw a pic of him! So funny!

There was a photo opt to take a pix with Elmo and Zoe. We stood in line and Jocelyn kept saying, "bye, bye" as she waved to them. If we asked her if she wanted to take a pix with them she said, "no!" while shaking her head. But we decided to wait it out and see if she would be OK. Thankfully she was Ok with giving them both high fives and a fist bumps. The photog put Steve and I on each side of Jocelyn as we all took a pix and all that was OK with Jocelyn! But any other contact was not! She made that clear!
You can even tell in this pix her face is a bit distressed giving Elmo a fist bump!
Bye Elmo!!!
What a tired girl!
After a nap we took a long walk on the bay!
Happy girl with her chips!

There was a ton of bunnies in the grass that would let Jocelyn get pretty close before they hopped away! Bye bye bunnies...bye bye Sea World! What a super fun, relaxing weekend!

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